Khoshal Khan Meena, Jeem Sector, 5th District, Qambar square Road, Kabul Afghanistan
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Disaster Management and Repatriation Affairs

DRR Sector Goal:

To contribute in empowerment of individuals and communities affected by disasters and displacement to build and strengthen their resilience.

DRR Sector Objectives:

1-To provide assistance to affected people to get relief, recovery and rehabilitation from disasters. 2-To provide assistance for returnees and IDPs for a dignified resettlement in their place of origins.

Main activities during 6 months of 2019:

Main activities of Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme:

Identification of pregnant mothers through health clinics

Identification of Malnutrition children through health clinics.

Nutrition distribution for nursing and pregnant mothers and malnutrition children.

Main activities of food distribution projects for drought affected and flood affected families.

Assessment of affected families.

Distribution of food items.

Main activities of Life Saving Assistance to Drought affected families in Ghor Province

Assessment of drought affected families.

Establishing WASH committee.

Facilitating WASH training.

Distribution of health kits and water kits.

Building Health Drinking Wells by installing a manual pump.

Distribution of unconditional cash for food.

Distribute cash to buy wheat seeds.

Distribute cash for work.

Main activities of Person with Specific Needs PSN project and Management, Care and Maintenance project of Kabul Encashment Center:

Addressing the immediate needs of PSN through provision of direct assistance and/or through referral to the network of service providers (PSN network).

Strengthening the established provincial and regional referral networks to respond to the needs of PSN.

Contributing to the establishment of social

protection mechanism in the communities.

Support women at risk with small income generation grants to strengthen their resilience.

Verification of VRFs:

Returnee Monitoring:

Identification of Person with Specific Needs (PSN)

Health services

Transit center(Accommodation Facilities)