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Agriculture & Livestock

Agriculture and livestock sector goal

To assist individuals and communities to have access to improved agriculture system and increased food security both directly and through increasing family income; protecting the environment and natural resources;

the development and extension of improved varieties (crops, horticulture, forestation and livestock); strengthen livestock management;

Increasing the awareness and skills of communities to ensure sustainability; Establishing and improving of irrigation systems and facilitating of farmers to local market.

Agriculture and livestock sector objectives

To ensure availability, access, stability and proper utilization of food items through building capacity of farmers and linking them to market;

To increase cereals, horticulture and vegetables yields through extension and distribution of agricultural inputs.

To strengthen livestock management as a livelihood means for increasing productivity.

To improve proper utilization of water for efficient agricultural and livestock purposes;

To promote natural resource management and use of environment friendly services

Agriculture and livestock sector Key Activities - 2019

During 6 months of 2019, agriculture sector was implementing three projects in Samangan, Farah, Badghis and Ghor provinces (Fig. 1) and the key activities of those projects are as following:

Improving agricultural production and nurseries and fruit/vegetable garden

Development of nurseries and support of seedling production;

Construction of block grants;

Distribution of agriculture and livestock inputs and providing various agricultural and livestock trainings;

Agriculture and livestock sector achievements - 2019

uring 6 months of 2019, through implementing above mentioned activities more than 10,750 beneficiaries were benefited from projects activities (Fig. 2).

Undoubtedly, projects’ achieved activities played an important role on farmers’ capacity building, self-sufficiency and their improvement in agriculture field.

Helping farmers online

Usually farmers are suffering from agricultural problems such as diseases, pests, nutrient deficiency and other problems. Helping farmers online might be one of the best way to help farmers and decrease their problems.

Through this path, farmers who faced with various agricultural problems they can contact with CHA-Agriculture specialist via Facebook,

and after analyzing problems by Agriculture specialist, they will receive back the recommendation and instruction for solving their problems (Fig. 3).